Paradigm Shift


Wouldnt it be fascinating if we should come across some compelling scientific truth about the familiar world around us that changed everything we thought we knew about society and culture, and presented a whole new way of interpreting the world? And that this new understanding stood right under our nose? The assumptions of millennia would crumble away, and a whole new realisation about us and our place upon the planet earth would begin to take shape. The milliard of casual, fleeting and inconsequential observations in life would fall into the new pattern. And almost every area of research and speculation would take-on a new sense of excitement as one realisation rapidly followed another. With this fresh understanding to hand, we would realise just how we have all been trapped into a kind of terminal mass belief system of our times, as were previous generations. We would come to realise that our thoughts, our ideas, and our best research in Religion and the Social Sciences were leading us nowhere! We might call the rush of new insights  The Darwin Effect


We would all like a credible theory that enabled us to explain and understand much of human behaviour and belief. And that credible theory is now to hand. It is called Human Sub-Set Theory.

It might seem so very unlikely that a new theory could come available that begins to explain human belief and behaviour. We have no starting place from where to develop such a fundamental theory.  After all, the great academic subjects of the Social Sciences are so very far from any such theory. There would seem to be no precedents and no foundations for such a new intellectual discovery. There are no intriguing anomalies, no glaring piles of evidence, and no sudden openings that could lead us from our present state of ignorance to a comprehensive grasp of the the origins of belief and behaviour. We seem to have nothing to go on. No startling new pieces of research, and no slow and astonishing realisations. We are unable to stand upon the shoulders of giants, nor climb some newly discovered intellectual promentory from which to survey the new world of radical social theory.

Like so many transcendental theories of the past, Human Sub-Set Theory started with a series of casual and seemingly inconsequential observations upon the beliefs and behaviours of different social groups. It was the differences in beliefs that supplied the critical pathways toward Human Sub-Set Theory, and consequently to a kind of unifying theory of human belief and behaviour in general. Good to remember that. The differences in beliefs held by sub-sets within our one society set in motion an inquiry that has led to a profound, and profoundly new, understanding of human cultures everywhere.